Frequently Asked Questions

What services do your health and fitness coaching programs offer?

We have several different training programs for individuals to choose from based on where they are currently at in their health and fitness journey. Each program is built upon a foundation of customized training and nutrition, accountability and support. To learn about what training program might be best for you, you can schedule your free game plan consultation call by using the form below. (Include contact form at the bottom of the page.)

How experienced are your coaches and trainers?

Our coach and trainer experience level will differ from individual to individual. Paul & Angie have been in the health and fitness industry as certified trainers for the past 10+ years and prior to moving online owned a physical gym in Illinois. Our exercise and training specialists are all certified with personal training certifications, while all of our personal result coaches have gone through the training program themselves, experienced a massive transformation and get on-going training and education.

What makes your coaching programs different from others in the market?

Our programs are unique and different because of our customized training and nutrition approach, our 1 on 1 accountability and support, our strong movement and community and lastly our team’s deep understanding of human psychology and behaviors allows us to help our clients break free.

How long have you been in the health and fitness coaching industry?

We have been in the health and fitness coaching industry for over 10 years now.

What is the structure of your coaching programs? Are they one-on-one or group based?

Both! Our programs are designed to incorporate the highest level of accountability and support possible to provide an amazing transformation. Each program has one-on-one plus group accountability and training opportunities.

How do you tailor your coaching programs to individual client needs and goals?

The process all begins with your free game plan strategy call where our strategy specialists will take a look at where you’re currently at, your goals and your needs to achieve those goals. After you get your game plan you can then begin working with your one-on-one coach where they will check in with you on a weekly basis to help you work towards your goal and make adjustments when needed. This week by week process allows us to create a truly flexible approach to getting incredible results.

What is your approach to nutrition and meal planning within your coaching programs?

Our approach to nutrition is based on what has been scientifically proven by nutritionists to bring results. Meaning we don’t believe in or support fad diets, extreme diets, or nutritional plans that cannot be followed for a long amount of time. We believe that your nutritional approach should be based on your goal, your lifestyle and your preferences.

Do you offer any additional support or resources beyond coaching sessions?

Absolutely. Every client in our training program has access to one-on-one support as well as group support on a daily and weekly basis. We also provide extensive health and fitness education you can access in the first 12 weeks of your training program in addition to a “Grad Program” which you can access after your first 12 weeks of training.

How do you track progress and measure results within your coaching programs?

Your exercise progress is tracked through an app we use to customize your training workouts and track your progress. Your nutritional progress is tracked through another app which allows you to easily and effortlessly approach your nutrition on a daily basis. Lastly your physical transformation is tracked on a daily and weekly basis and is integrated with our training softwares so that your coach is up to date on your progress every step of the way.

Are your coaching programs suitable for beginners, or do they require prior fitness experience?

All of our training programs are customized based on where you’re currently at in your health and fitness journey.

How often do coaching sessions take place and what is the duration of each session?

The weekly check in process is a two part process that takes no longer than 15 minutes in each session. Your workouts and training is done on your own and will range anywhere between 30-45 minutes 3-5 times per week depending on the individual, their schedule and their goals.

Do you provide any educational materials or workshops to help clients improve their health knowledge?

Absolutely. In addition to your one-on-one coach we also provide extensive training courses, workshops and events for you to access.

What is your pricing structure for coaching programs, and what do they typically include?

We have FREE coaching programs such as our “5 Day Confident Bombshell Challenge” that gets your foot in the door and gives you a taste of Lyngso Fitness Academy. We then offer a range of coaching programs that can cost anywhere from $250/month all the way up to $2,000/month. In each of our coaching programs you can expect a customized nutrition and training aspect, accountability, education and support.

Are there any additional fees or costs involved, such as equipment or supplements?

Nope. We will work with what you give us. Obviously if you’re looking to achieve faster results then we encourage clients to have access to a full access gym and invest into specific supplements once your nutritional foundation has been dialed in.

How do you handle scheduling and communication with clients?

Once you become a client we will help you enroll in our communication software where you will have access to your one-on-one coach to communicate, get support and schedule important meetings.

Can you accommodate clients with specific health conditions or injuries?

We encourage you to speak to a medical professional if you aren’t 100% confident in your current ability to exercise and receive training from a personal trainer. Once you have medical authorization we are able to accommodate and adjust our training plans to meet your needs.

Can you provide examples of exercise routines or workout plans that are included in your coaching programs?

Yes. Like we have mentioned above we are able to customize your training and exercise plan based on your goals as well as preferences. For beginner clients we might start with increasing activity through walking and body weight movements. For our more advanced clients we offer a full range of training modalities based on their desired goals and preferences. To give some examples we have strength training programs, physique focused programs, kettlebell programs, bodyweight programs, athletic/plyometric programs and even hybrid strength and cardio programs for those who enjoy running longer distances as well.

How do you handle client accountability and motivation throughout the coaching process?

We approach accountability and motivation in a truly unique way because of the extensive psychological and behavioral training that both Paul & Angie Lyngso have gone through in the past 3 years. Some psychological techniques we leverage to help clients get amazing results are: trigger recognition, emotional regulation, emotional anchoring, planning techniques, conflict resolution techniques, motivational visualization activities, journaling and so much more.