Meet Your Coaches

We are Paul and Angie, and we’re real folk just like you. We’ve slogged away at corporate 9 to 5 jobs that leave little time for fitness. We enjoy a few drinks with friends at the weekend, we’ve turned to junk food for comfort, and we weren’t born super-athletes.

We know how hard it can be to stick to a fitness routine and we’ve learned over 10 years of owning our own gym, running our own programs and creating healthy eating plans precisely what it takes to pull you out of your slump and get you to your strongest, leanest and fittest.

Are you going to get strong, toned and healthy using our online fitness sessions and personalized nutritional programs? No doubt.


Paul Lyngso
Co-Founder & CEO

Angie Lyngso
Co-Founder, Head Coach, Marketing

Jaden Johnson
Marketing Manager & Sales Trainer

Katie Sliwa
Fulfillment Manager & Personal Results Coach

Becky Kaido
Operations Manager 

Kristen Strom
Sales Manager, Sales Trainer & Enrollment Specialist

Tony Mastrolonardo
Head Training & Exercise Specialist

Cameron Dowling
Training & Exercise Specialist

Emily Mitchell
Brand Ambassador & Enrollment Specialist

Erin Shook
Enrollment Specialist

Jaime Brecher
Personal Results Coach

Kelly Higbea
Personal Results Coach

Kate Laving
Personal Results Coach

Breezy Little
Personal Results Coach

Alaina Okapal
Personal Results Coach

Stephanie Palma
Social Media Manager & Sales Development Representative

Rachel Jurado
Content Specialist & Copywriter