The Confident Bombshell Podcast

You are a Confident Bombshell. Start living like it.

Lyngso Fitness Academy Presents: “The Confident Bombshell Podcast” a weekly audio offered to help women JUST LIKE YOU claim the confidence, body and life that they deserve. Follow along with our journey as we help you GET DEEP into the mindset, strategy and support you need to live your best life physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each week your hosts Angie Lyngso & Emily Mitchell are bringing the HEAT to address what it’s like to be a high performing wife, mother and career focused individual. They address the struggles and problems that women like them experience and the tools that have changed their lives forever.

Angie as the co-founder of Lyngso Fitness Academy has been instrumental in helping 1,000’s of women not just drastically change their body image, but also change and level up their lives. She is joined by one of her amazing coaches and seasoned health and fitness instructors Emily as they help women be and become… A Confident Bombshell.

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